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Our Diamond Business Model Ensures That You Are Matched With the Most Experienced and Certified Top Talent For the Job.

What Employers Say About Cisco Certified Staff vs Noncertified Staff:

(source: white paper)


More Valuable

Cisco certified staff are more valuable to my organization than noncertified staff.

More Knowledgeable

Cisco certified staff are more knowledgeable than noncertified staff.

More Responsible

Cisco certified staff can take on more responsibilities than noncertified staff.

Our talent pool consists of Network Training Institute (an authorized Cisco Networking Academy) students and graduates. This means that our talent have been trained hands-on with the latest hardware software, simulators, sandboxes and technologies.

Students also attend career development workshops and seminars to learn valuable soft skills to prepare them to work on a team, to problem solve, communicate effectively with coworkers, customers and more. Students also learn about self-awareness, emotional intelligence, workplace etiquette, dress codes, customer service, critical thinking, leadership, positive attitudes, healthy work relationships and more.

Additionally our talent has a minimum of 6 months of real work experience  in the field through an internship with ElieSys Computer Services or another local employer prior to registering with ECS Staffing.

The DIAMOND Business Model ensures that our students receive a well-rounded education that not only focuses on theoretical knowledge but also provides practical experience in the field. Through our internship program, students gain valuable real-world experience, which helps them to develop a deep understanding of the industry and the confidence to get the job done right.


Easy as 1, 2, 3

We simplify hiring process by matching you with the most qualified and talented candidates available. We do all the heavy lifting, you choose from the best and we are with you each step of the way.

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"...Currently, I work as a NOC technician, atomic data, which which NTI helped me be prepared for for my job interview and using my skill sets everyday at work. And it helped me thrive in my field. But I would recommend anyone that's interested that that wants to be learn about IT that wants to grow their skill sets to join NTI program. And even if you're like a beginner who doesn't know anything will be like a great opportunity for you to like start fresh and learn on your own and have the mentors and the tutors that you need. And you will be able to have a hands on experience with the equipment's and like the routers and switches and devices that are in the classrooms. "

Ahmed H.

...I enrolled in the A+ class, I took the class, I was able to secure a job, I took the exam I passed. What amazes me most is the mentorship that Koami offered to his students. He is very involved with all of us...."

Abimbola P.

"...I was surprised by you know, what I what I found and I was encouraged by the professor, or the instructor, he encouraged me he told me I didn't I didn't believe I could, you know, get a career in IT. But the instructor encouraged me and told me there's nothing impossible for me. So I took my chances and I took the CompTIA certification A+ with NTI. And I was so impressed by the training a hands on training I got from NTI dealing with hardware directly, you know, opening up a computer and learning you know, every single thing that's in the computer, it was just amazing. And I I am so proud and I'm so happy and after all my training and I got my CompTIA A plus certification and I was able to land my first job in in IT. So I definitely recommend NTI for anybody out there who's looking to get into IT, NTI it is a place to be."

Manga A.


Easy as 1, 2, 3

NTI – Network Training Institute is an Authorized Cisco Networking Academy is a recognized world class leader in providing instructor led, and hands-on lab training to prepare students for their career as an IT Professional. Enrolling at NTI is your first step on the path to a successful career in the ICT field. Enroll today!

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A graphic icon of a brain that represents Learning iconTrain in person or online with a Cisco Certified Academy Instructor with over 10 years of teaching experience.



A graphic icon of a trophy that represents Achievement iconGet the hands-on training, experience and certifications you need to qualify for your career in IT.


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A graphic icon of a a document that represents a resume iconWe offer many career services such as resume help, mock interviews, job placement assistance and more.

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